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712 51 months ago plugin creates superfluous characters during activation chatting erlehmann erlehmann
711 51 months ago plugin should not rewrite image insertions chatting erlehmann erlehmann
677 52 months ago CC0 1.0 Universal - Title off center,text unavailable for translation chatting Hamilton Abreu alex
629 54 months ago Use foaf:logo metadata to generate badge options on results-one unread nyergler  
276 55 months ago Flickr stats move to database (out of CSV) in-progress paulproteus  
528 61 months ago /licenses/publicdomain doublecounted unread mlinksva  
1087 9 months ago Web Design, What is it? unread webkos  
1086 9 months ago Responsive Web Design Melbourne unread webkos  
1085 9 months ago Responsive Web Design Melbourne unread webkos  
1084 9 months ago essay chatting maikl  
312 10 months ago Monitor chatting nyergler  
1029 11 months ago plaintext versions of 2.5 core licenses unread Greg  
809 11 months ago picture properties ought be populated by ccooo 0.7.0 insertion unread mlinksva  
457 13 months ago Modest arrangement change unread nyergler gameguy43
256 15 months ago License aspect pages for the wiki unread nyergler Greg
1063 28 months ago Valid HTML5 + RDFa 1.1 code for the chooser output chatting alefteris lunpa
1058 29 months ago Update the scrapper to consume microdata ( attribution information unread Greg lunpa
437 29 months ago Language negotiation for deeds. chatting nyergler lunpa
737 29 months ago Genericify cc.engine/, move to cc.i18n unread cwebber lunpa
800 29 months ago PDM + CC0 combo and the Deed chatting Greg lunpa
745 29 months ago Link back to the referrer/subject on the deed unread nyergler lunpa
884 29 months ago link to cc0/pdm comparison chart unread mlinksva lunpa
998 29 months ago errata annotation on legalcode via javascript chatting mlinksva lunpa
1050 31 months ago Add JSON-LD support to cc.api unread cwebber lunpa
812 31 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 picture insertion could use some UI hinting chatting mlinksva lunpa
806 31 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 does not create links to chosen license/pd tool chatting mlinksva lunpa
1041 33 months ago WpLicense as a footer widget unread stephenjudge  
1035 34 months ago Adding an option to stop seach in flicker dialog box chatting bhanu  
1026 36 months ago Consider using w3c's new validator unread cwebber lunpa
1024 36 months ago w3 validator unit tests for non-deed pages unread lunpa lunpa
894 36 months ago PD choosers should provide suggested plain text for marking offline works chatting nkinkade lunpa
899 38 months ago Deed RDFa testing chatting cwebber lunpa
857 44 months ago scrape number of videos licensed on YT chatting mlinksva  
541 46 months ago Enable analytics on jurisdiction sub-domains chatting nyergler alex
605 46 months ago Convert ns.html to PHP and use gettext on human readable descriptions chatting nyergler nkinkade
810 46 months ago attribution for ccooo inserted images ought have some styling options unread mlinksva  
805 46 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 does not add license property to documents unread mlinksva  
791 46 months ago Public domain should be mentioned on home page unread mlinksva alex
786 47 months ago create icon-only license buttons for each of main six licenses,cc0,pdm unread mlinksva alex
657 53 months ago Create custom landing page for users logging in to Drupal/CiviCRM in-progress nkinkade alex
275 55 months ago Website Metrics Reports unread nyergler  
140 55 months ago Add WikiMedia Commons as a source for license stats/metrics unread nyergler  
548 59 months ago Include attribution metadata in generated XMP chatting nyergler  
425 59 months ago Implement CSS and JS file name versioning to avoid cache issues chatting nkinkade alex
487 63 months ago Make donation popups send a "receipt" variable done-cbb nkinkade alex
159 67 months ago Validator should expose attribution and registration information chatting nyergler gameguy43
1083 10 months ago Debt Elimination, Which Debt Elimination Programs Still Work Today? unread debtelimination  
1082 10 months ago Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits unread disability  
1080 10 months ago Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract - Ultimate Weight Loss Success for 2014 chatting official.oz  
1081 10 months ago Pure Garcinia Cambogia Best Weight Loss Miracle - Fast and Easy Weight Loss unread official.oz  
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