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1077 21 months ago is ok unread theonlyblackgal  
1072 26 months ago Complete your registration to Creative Commons Tracker -- key mBn0T6GNfnMalL0cj5A08lZzESzEahg unread dterry  
1074 22 months ago bug fixes unread dterry
1073 26 months ago Complete your registration to Creative Commons Tracker -- key mBn0T6GNfnMalL0cj5A08lZzESzEahg chatting dterry dterry
1088 12 months ago IBM unread maikl  
658 12 months ago Typo in Scholar's Copyright Addenda unread nyergler  
383 12 months ago License is a resource, not literal chatting nyergler  
353 13 months ago "cc:attributionName" and the "cc:attributionURL" properties are not included in the link to CC license chatting oshani jedoig
1067 14 months ago i18n not updating properlly for API, untranslated strings in output chatting nkinkade lunpa
769 17 months ago cc.license._lib.functions:current_version() extremely slow unread cwebber  
713 18 months ago all-rights-reserved images do not function as featured images need-eg erlehmann erlehmann
1062 23 months ago Verify correctness of xml:lang attribute values in our RDF chatting nkinkade nkinkade
1075 26 months ago Deed scraper apparently doesn't support non-prefixed property vocabulary URLs unread nkinkade  
1004 26 months ago source notice disappeared chatting mlinksva raditya
801 27 months ago text cropped in ccooo dialog chatting mlinksva  
1071 27 months ago redirects to /docs and has a bad certificate chatting mlinksva  
1066 30 months ago partner interface, and https-everywhere unread mlinksva  
1064 31 months ago RTL handling in the Partner Interface seems to be missing testing nkinkade lunpa
235 32 months ago Fallback behavior for po2cc? chatting nyergler lunpa
1017 32 months ago Kill all zope.component usage from CC tooling chatting cwebber lunpa
794 32 months ago attributionURL should be on work title linktext if available chatting mlinksva lunpa
836 32 months ago Add tests to cc.licenserdf tooling unread cwebber lunpa
842 32 months ago Dynamically regerate license titles instead of regernating all RDF unread nkinkade lunpa
890 32 months ago Make cc.api [more] debuggable chatting lunpa lunpa
897 32 months ago i18n repo contains two identical strings unread nkinkade lunpa
1005 32 months ago Change chooser results phrasing from "a $FOO license" to "the $FOO license" unread cwebber lunpa
1006 32 months ago 2.5 CH deeds not creating proper links to legalcode unread nkinkade lunpa
1021 32 months ago Kill zope.i18n dependency, all ZPT leftovers, and cc.i18n.ccorg_i18n_setup unread cwebber lunpa
1027 32 months ago [L]GPL RDF doesn't redirect because of apache rewrite rule unread cwebber lunpa
1030 32 months ago "bin/jurisdiction add" should error if a jurisdiction already exists in the RDF unread nkinkade lunpa
1033 32 months ago Add license.js to new world order translation extraction unread cwebber lunpa
1045 32 months ago CC0 chooser emailer returns error to user, though email is sent unread nkinkade lunpa
907 32 months ago Make sure deed RDFa matches RDF chatting cwebber lunpa
1059 32 months ago Chooser panel 2 doesn't link to localized deed unread nkinkade lunpa
1040 35 months ago WpLicense needs to include new ported licenses unread stephenjudge  
1039 36 months ago CC wiki has a lot of Properties with incorrect assigned types unread nkinkade nkinkade
808 36 months ago attribution inserted with images via ccooo 0.7.0 doesn't include links chatting mlinksva  
1000 41 months ago weblog archive by month navigation stuck on current year unread mlinksva  
75 42 months ago OOo 3 (Mac OS X 10.5, Apple JRE 1.50_13 enabled) crashes chatting smartsammler  
858 47 months ago Update RDF tooling to update old license to say they are deprecated when we make new ones unread cwebber  
848 47 months ago ccPublisher on Linux Install Issue - OverflowWarning unread stephenjudge  
815 49 months ago ccooo open writer document: Primary subtag must be between 1 and 8 alpha characters unread mlinksva  
811 49 months ago openclipart has migrated to cc0, ccooo should update to reflect unread mlinksva  
804 49 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 uses old CC0 button unread mlinksva  
803 49 months ago "territory" is unclear for CC0 in ccooo unread mlinksva  
802 49 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 uses retired PD certification unread mlinksva  
770 51 months ago Fail with warning if unable to write cache files. unread nyergler  
743 53 months ago nuke rel="shortlink" from wp theme unread mlinksva alex
591 53 months ago Update license list in licensechooser.js please chatting JohnHorigan jedoig
714 53 months ago caption and align of images are not saved need-eg erlehmann erlehmann
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