List of issues - Web Properties

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
658 2 weeks ago Typo in Scholar's Copyright Addenda unread nyergler  
1039 24 months ago CC wiki has a lot of Properties with incorrect assigned types unread nkinkade nkinkade
1000 29 months ago weblog archive by month navigation stuck on current year unread mlinksva  
743 40 months ago nuke rel="shortlink" from wp theme unread mlinksva alex
1087 2 weeks ago Web Design, What is it? unread webkos  
1086 2 weeks ago Responsive Web Design Melbourne unread webkos  
1085 2 weeks ago Responsive Web Design Melbourne unread webkos  
457 4 months ago Modest arrangement change unread nyergler gameguy43
256 6 months ago License aspect pages for the wiki unread nyergler Greg
1063 18 months ago Valid HTML5 + RDFa 1.1 code for the chooser output chatting alefteris lunpa
541 36 months ago Enable analytics on jurisdiction sub-domains chatting nyergler alex
791 37 months ago Public domain should be mentioned on home page unread mlinksva alex
786 38 months ago create icon-only license buttons for each of main six licenses,cc0,pdm unread mlinksva alex
425 50 months ago Implement CSS and JS file name versioning to avoid cache issues chatting nkinkade alex
389 1 month ago isn't validating as XHTML unread nkinkade alex
872 34 months ago Migrate ServerBeach dedicated servers to Linodes unread nkinkade nkinkade
621 42 months ago CC Wiki needs a favicon unread akozak alex
586 47 months ago Combine JS/CSS files on unread nyergler alex
189 62 months ago Printing of pages at is mostly broken unread nkinkade alex
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