List of issues - License Engine

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
769 8 months ago cc.license._lib.functions:current_version() extremely slow unread cwebber  
1066 21 months ago partner interface, and https-everywhere unread mlinksva  
1064 22 months ago RTL handling in the Partner Interface seems to be missing testing nkinkade lunpa
1017 23 months ago Kill all zope.component usage from CC tooling chatting cwebber lunpa
794 23 months ago attributionURL should be on work title linktext if available chatting mlinksva lunpa
836 23 months ago Add tests to cc.licenserdf tooling unread cwebber lunpa
842 23 months ago Dynamically regerate license titles instead of regernating all RDF unread nkinkade lunpa
890 23 months ago Make cc.api [more] debuggable chatting lunpa lunpa
1005 23 months ago Change chooser results phrasing from "a $FOO license" to "the $FOO license" unread cwebber lunpa
1006 23 months ago 2.5 CH deeds not creating proper links to legalcode unread nkinkade lunpa
1021 23 months ago Kill zope.i18n dependency, all ZPT leftovers, and cc.i18n.ccorg_i18n_setup unread cwebber lunpa
1030 23 months ago "bin/jurisdiction add" should error if a jurisdiction already exists in the RDF unread nkinkade lunpa
1045 23 months ago CC0 chooser emailer returns error to user, though email is sent unread nkinkade lunpa
907 24 months ago Make sure deed RDFa matches RDF chatting cwebber lunpa
1059 24 months ago Chooser panel 2 doesn't link to localized deed unread nkinkade lunpa
629 48 months ago Use foaf:logo metadata to generate badge options on results-one unread nyergler  
737 23 months ago Genericify cc.engine/, move to cc.i18n unread cwebber lunpa
1026 29 months ago Consider using w3c's new validator unread cwebber lunpa
1024 30 months ago w3 validator unit tests for non-deed pages unread lunpa lunpa
894 30 months ago PD choosers should provide suggested plain text for marking offline works chatting nkinkade lunpa
899 32 months ago Deed RDFa testing chatting cwebber lunpa
548 53 months ago Include attribution metadata in generated XMP chatting nyergler  
1080 4 months ago Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract - Ultimate Weight Loss Success for 2014 chatting official.oz  
1076 14 months ago Plaintext versions of all licenses unread calestyo  
378 23 months ago Validate email address before offering to send HTML in an email chatting nyergler lunpa
669 23 months ago request.urlgen useless with /ccengine-fcgi/ chatting cwebber lunpa
705 23 months ago Make work_email_send indicate if the sending failed chatting cwebber lunpa
582 23 months ago Make link in jurisdiction info box open in new window/tab unread cwebber lunpa
729 23 months ago Language settings should persist in links to other license engine pages chatting nyergler lunpa
900 23 months ago Make index.rdf visible to users unread cwebber lunpa
911 23 months ago Add /licenses/all/ chatting cwebber lunpa
1048 23 months ago Deed titles should be handled like any string, and not via the RDF chatting nkinkade lunpa
704 30 months ago Make license_html and license_title auto-generated from license in-progress cwebber raditya
1025 30 months ago research rdfa lite unread lunpa lunpa
1022 30 months ago Switch from buildout to virtualenv in all packages. unread cwebber lunpa
891 30 months ago cc.engine returns and ugly error for URLs that don't exist. chatting nkinkade lunpa
898 32 months ago Make deeds and /licenses/ views use selectors to avoid URL ambiutity chatting cwebber lunpa
965 33 months ago Remove GPL & LGPL RDF from license.rdf unread cwebber lunpa
679 36 months ago RDFa tests for Public Domain Mark, CC0 formatters chatting cwebber lunpa
830 36 months ago Test for multiple python versions on Jenkins, probably w/ Tox chatting cwebber lunpa
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