List of issues - License Deeds

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
770 46 months ago Fail with warning if unable to write cache files. unread nyergler  
677 50 months ago CC0 1.0 Universal - Title off center,text unavailable for translation chatting Hamilton Abreu alex
1058 27 months ago Update the scrapper to consume microdata ( attribution information unread Greg lunpa
437 27 months ago Language negotiation for deeds. chatting nyergler lunpa
800 27 months ago PDM + CC0 combo and the Deed chatting Greg lunpa
745 27 months ago Link back to the referrer/subject on the deed unread nyergler lunpa
884 27 months ago link to cc0/pdm comparison chart unread mlinksva lunpa
122 27 months ago Make sure proper RDFa is generated by deed javascript chatting nyergler lunpa
853 27 months ago New version box text should have title attribute on link to new version chatting mlinksva lunpa
875 28 months ago Include #anchortags for license legalcode sections chatting Greg  
885 34 months ago should be translatable chatting mlinksva lunpa
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