List of issues - CC OOo Addin

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
801 26 months ago text cropped in ccooo dialog chatting mlinksva  
808 36 months ago attribution inserted with images via ccooo 0.7.0 doesn't include links chatting mlinksva  
75 42 months ago OOo 3 (Mac OS X 10.5, Apple JRE 1.50_13 enabled) crashes chatting smartsammler  
815 48 months ago ccooo open writer document: Primary subtag must be between 1 and 8 alpha characters unread mlinksva  
811 48 months ago openclipart has migrated to cc0, ccooo should update to reflect unread mlinksva  
804 48 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 uses old CC0 button unread mlinksva  
803 48 months ago "territory" is unclear for CC0 in ccooo unread mlinksva  
802 48 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 uses retired PD certification unread mlinksva  
809 13 months ago picture properties ought be populated by ccooo 0.7.0 insertion unread mlinksva  
812 33 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 picture insertion could use some UI hinting chatting mlinksva lunpa
806 33 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 does not create links to chosen license/pd tool chatting mlinksva lunpa
1035 36 months ago Adding an option to stop seach in flicker dialog box chatting bhanu  
810 48 months ago attribution for ccooo inserted images ought have some styling options unread mlinksva  
805 48 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 does not add license property to documents unread mlinksva  
816 13 months ago ccooo should be able to search any accessible mediaglobin instance for media to insert unread mlinksva  
1038 36 months ago Resizable windows chatting ishanthilina  
817 48 months ago ccooo should interact with a Libre/OpenOffice DAM unread mlinksva  
814 48 months ago ccooo insert video from web unread mlinksva  
813 48 months ago ccooo insert audio from web unread mlinksva  
807 48 months ago ccooo 0.7.0 uses bitmap license buttons unread mlinksva  
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