Title Fix grammar on chooser results page sidebar for offline marking
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msg3210 (view) Author: nkinkade Date: 2011-08-30.21:13:56
I update the English in our i18n repo, and upon doing so realized that we now
have two identical strings.  This ticket is now superseded by:

msg3207 (view) Author: nkinkade Date: 2011-08-29.23:15:30
There a small bit of bad and/or confusing grammar in the sidebar of the license
chooser results page:

"Mark a document not on the web, add this text to your work."

That is awkward language and should probably be more like:

"Mark a document not on the web by adding this text to your work".

Indeed, I have noticed that the current Spanish and Portuguese translations took
it into their own hands and corrected the grammar in their own translations.
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