Title Script for adding CC license + atttribution information to an image.
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msg2596 (view) Author: nyergler Date: 2010-12-09.00:44:00
Marking wont-fix; Xpert does a decent job of this, and the work we may do on this 
would go into OpenAttribute (via Mozilla Drumbeat project).
msg311 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2009-02-25.18:14:54
Sounds like a labs toy to run. I guess it's closest to being a web property. I'm
curious where this goes so am becoming nosy.
msg8 (view) Author: nyergler Date: 2008-09-05.21:13:54
Luis suggested a script that would help him grab CC licensed images for re-use:

Bonus points if it works from within Firefox and reads the attribution metadata
from the page.
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