Title Create custom landing page for users logging in to Drupal/CiviCRM
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msg2146 (view) Author: nkinkade Date: 2010-09-17.20:09:55
Steps #1 and #2 are done.  Reassigning to Alex R. to get the style in line with
the rest of site if/where necessary.

There is a legal notice regarding the creation of PCPs that Diane gave us to
include.  I had put it on the landing page, but Melissa, correctly, suggested
that it should be on the first page of the PCP creation process.  That page can
be modified here:


The notice is:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Personal Campaign Pages (PCPs) may only to be used for raising
funds and awareness for Creative Commons (CC). CC reserves the right to
eliminate your PCP and/or take down any inappropriate content without prior
notification. Your PCP is a "Service" as defined in the Creative Commons Terms
of Use [link].  By establishing a PCP, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use
which provide, among other things, terms for User Conduct and Content posted on
your PCP.   Note that our Terms of Use require that all content you voluntarily
provide on your PCP  be either in the public domain or licensed by you under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Please direct any questions regarding
the Personal Campaign Pages to
msg2114 (view) Author: nkinkade Date: 2010-09-01.20:07:39
We need to create a custom landing page for users logging in to Drupal/CiviCRM.
 We will do this by creating a file called user-profile.tpl.php in our Drupal
theme. The landing page should contain a welcome message and instructions and
links to perform basic tasks such as creating Personal Campaign Pages, updating
contact information, editing mail list memberships, etc.  We will proceed thus:

1) Allison and Melissa will create a Google Doc with some baseline text for the
page ...this could link to a page on the wiki if the instructions are too long
for the page.

2) I take that baseline text and mock up a first iteration of the new
landing page and do what I can to organize it and make it look okay in
HTML format.

3) Alex Roberts reviews it and does anything necessary to spice it up
and to make sure that it looks good and is consistent with the rest of
the site in terms of style.
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