Title Update license list in licensechooser.js please
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Created on 2010-06-08.05:47:13 by JohnHorigan, last changed 2010-12-09.19:27:59 by jedoig.

msg2601 (view) Author: jedoig Date: 2010-12-09.19:27:59
jswidget relies on license_xml to fetch the available jurisdictions and their 
latest license offerings.

Remove the license_xsl dependency and replace it with by cc.license
msg2582 (view) Author: nyergler Date: 2010-12-09.00:04:50
John (Doig), can you please check out this code and see about regenerating the 
license list it uses?
msg1774 (view) Author: JohnHorigan Date: 2010-06-08.05:47:13
One of my users has noticed that version 0.92 of licensechooser.js uses version 3 
of the Australian CC license, while version 0.97 uses version 2.5 of the 
Australian CC license. I don't know if there was something wrong with version 3 in 
Australia, but it seems to be OK now. Would it be possible to rebuild 
licensechooser.js version 0.97 to use the latest versions of all the various 
country CC licenses?
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