Title WpLicense fails on WP 2.8
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Created on 2009-06-11.19:48:01 by nyergler, last changed 2009-09-01.17:04:02 by jedoig.

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wpcfix.patch kkennedy, 2009-06-18.03:26:24 text/plain
msg1323 (view) Author: jedoig Date: 2009-09-01.17:04:02
Patch applied and included in 1.1.1 release.

Patch introduced some incorrect paths in the plugin, but these were corrected in
the most current release.

The plugin will support both an attribution name and url to include in the
markings.  The attributionName is suggested as the author name of the Wordpress
blog and similarly, the WP_BLOG_URL constant is suggested as the attributionURL.
 If the user decides to include either of these fields, the marking will render
the correct HTML and RDFa markup for the license selected.

The plugin has been updated for use on WP 2.8.4.
msg1166 (view) Author: kkennedy Date: 2009-06-18.03:26:24
wp-content patch attached. Let me know if I can help with anything else.
msg1163 (view) Author: nyergler Date: 2009-06-17.23:02:29
Thanks for the investigation; that appears to be similar to what I noticed.  I
also found a couple other path-related bugs.  If you have a patch (wrt the
wp-content issue), that'd be helpful.
msg1162 (view) Author: kkennedy Date: 2009-06-17.04:05:38
Nathan: I noticed that this plugin disabled when I performed my 2.8 upgrade a
couple of nights back, and just poked around at it. After googling about, I did
some editing to replace direct refs to 'wp-content' (based on info from, but that didn't appear to do it. 

Continuing on; it appeared the file header info was ok (I got the same "invalid
headers" msg as Zane), but I finally noticed after comparing to other plugins
that my install was one level deeper than most: (ie,
plugins/wplicense/wplicense/*.phpfiles). I'm by no means a WP plugin dev, but
skimming the docs, it appeared that the plugin admin engine wants a header file
in that uppermost dir. 

I copied wplicense.php to the upper wplicense dir, got an error (the widget
support require assumes widget.php will be in same dir), copied the widget.php
file to upper directory, and things are working again. 

There's probably a "cleaner" way to do it, with a file containing just the
activate code, etc. But quick and dirty worked. I actually went back and used
the original wplicense.php file (w/o the 'wp-content' changes), and it appears
to work as well. So just moving some files about should do it, I think. I can
forward you a patch with my edits for the 'wp-content' changes, if you're
interested (see for the
relevant issue). Just let me know.
msg1146 (view) Author: nyergler Date: 2009-06-11.19:48:01
On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 12:12 PM, Zane Selvans<zane@...> wrote:
> I suspect you're already aware of this, but for some reason wp-license
> 1.1.1 does not appear to be functional on WP 2.8, released today.  I
> got an error complaining about "invalid headers" in the plugin, and it
> was automatically disabled upon upgrade.  I tried re-installing the
> plugin, and still had no luck.
> Zane
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