Title Explore use of R for log analysis
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msg1875 (view) Author: nyergler Date: 2010-07-19.18:53:19
Reassigning to Metrics, leaving here as a reminder re: R analysis of logs.
msg411 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2009-03-06.00:17:18
zomg, R:
msg410 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2009-03-06.00:16:44
mod_status, as far as I can tell, is only about providing a live UI to the most
recent stats. That's not useful for asking a question like, "What takes a long
time to process?" on the day- or week-long view.

Because we are now talking only to Varnish, we don't have to worry about
bandwidth time interfering with our measurements. To that extent, we can use the
suggestion at
to enrich our log format with the microseconds taken to answer the request.

That's my recommendation on this issue.

We would then want to think about how to analyze those logs, but I have some
fruity scripts I wrote ca. 1.5y ago that did (just barely) okay.
msg402 (view) Author: paulproteus Date: 2009-03-04.23:10:03
Can it yield me useful metrics?

-- Asheesh.
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