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msg3948 (view) Author: ishanthilina Date: 2012-04-13.07:22:43
Unfortunately due to some weird reason I cannot attach the file. So I'll put a 
link to see the screenshot.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
msg3947 (view) Author: ishanthilina Date: 2012-04-13.07:15:01
As the attachment shows, lower parts of the windows are not visible at lower 
resolutions (mine is 1366x768). So it will be convenient for the user if the 
windows can be resized. As I can see, there are two approaches to solve this 

Approach 1-

While keeping the existing, the existing 
code could be modified to add the SIZABLE capability from the I tried to do this as a quick hack, but was 
not able complete it due to the limited time I have in these days.

Approach 2-

By using instead of we can achieve the functionality. This 
requires some work since most of the code have to re-written.

Whatever the approach taken to resize the windows,there should be ways to handle 
the resizing effect on the other controls inside the window(such as buttons). 
The only way I can see at the moment to tackle this issue is to listen to the 
window resize event and resize the other components accordingly. But this may be 
very troublesome to implement.
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